Organ transplant communication made easy with TXP Chat™

TXP Chat™ is the only secure, HIPAA-compliant communication system dedicated to the unique needs of Transplant Centers and Organ Procurement Organizations.

Maximizing the Gift of Life

How can we help to maximize the gift of life? Watch the video below to hear how OmniLife is providing more than just a secure messaging app.


life-saving organ transplants/year


recovered organs not transplanted/year

$0.5 B

lost savings due to kidney discards/year


waitlist patient deaths/year

Held, et al. AmJT 2016, Klassen, et al. AmJT 2016, and Israni, et al. OPTN/SRTR 2016

Streamlined Communication

Fewer contact points leads to faster response times. No more miscommunicated information, phone tag, and disruptive calls.

Higher Donor Coordinator Satisfaction

Real-time case monitoring provides insight to better plan and optimize your professional and personal lives.

Lower Procurement Costs

An estimated $31,000 in personnel related cost savings are due to avoiding costly scheduling errors and staff changes.

Use Case of TXP Chat™ – Connecting to Your Partners in Transplant

Examples of how TXP Chat™ has been used during Organ Imports to drive outcomes.

Secure & HIPAA-compliant messaging
Safely send messages individually or within a group

Easy information sharing
Share and capture photos and videos in a secure manner, while never saving them to your device

Simple reporting & auditing
Run reports based on data analytics that are of interest to your organization

Transparency & accountability
Know who reads your messages and when

Lightning-fast data at your fingertips
TXP Chat™ has artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, empowering you with the data you need to make the best decisions

Download and archive
Download specific chats, photos, or all activity and attach to the recipient or donor health record